Smith Manus

  • Exclusive focus on surety bonds
  • 30+ years of industry experience
  • Committed to building enduring relationships
  • Flexibility to handle companies of all sizes
  • Licensed in all 50 states

Reclamation Bond Expertise

  • Proven track record and extensive experience in providing surety programs to mining companies
  • Manage bonding programs for many leading publicly traded and privately held companies


  • Strategic relationships with specialty surety companies who are highly rated
  • Program supplements existing surety relationships

What sets Smith Manus apart?

  • Unique approach to underwriting that considers the off balance sheet value of reserves
  • Willingness to customize programs to provide significant capacity and risk based collateral percentages
  • Superior overall terms and conditions
  • Ability to handle unique bonding requirements

Success Stories

  • Provided significant reclamation bond capacity for market leader in conjunction with acquisition
  • Developed market-based terms for leading coal operation following sale to foreign entity
  • Partnered with private equity firm to structure bonding program for a new portfolio company
  • Replaced restricted cash with surety bonds for national recycler to meet closure obligations
  • Improved pricing and collateral requirements for mining company based on reserve analysis