Smith Manus has focused much of its efforts and resources in becoming the leading specialty surety agency.

Smith Manus works very closely with our insurance company partners to bring a unique alternative to our clients. As an example, based on our understanding of the environmental industry, we service more environmental firms than any other surety agency. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive bond program, or a single bond, we can help you get the support you need.

If your business is required to post surety bonds to meet specialized or long term guarantees, put the Smith Manus program to work for you.

Specialty Bond Programs:

Environmental Remediation BondsIn today’s marketplace, many surety companies perceive environmental remediation contractors to be difficult risks. At Smith Manus we believe these environmental projects actually represent profitable opportunities for the environmental businesses we bond.

Reclamation BondsBased on the duration/release process associated with reclamation bonds, the mining industry has limited surety bond options. Smith Manus has a proven track record of success in developing surety alternatives for the mining industry.

Landfill Closure and Post-Closure BondsDue to the long-term guarantees unique to the waste industry, there are limited bonding options. Our past experience working with our waste industry clients has provided Smith Manus the expertise to understand the bonding and financial assurance requirements that face the waste industry. This allows us to provide surety solutions to our waste industry clients.

Oil and Natural Gas BondsSeveral years ago we could foresee an increased demand for domestic oil production followed by an increased demand for oil and gas bonds from producers operating in the southwest and adjacent areas. Most surety companies prefer to avoid these types of bonds, however we have been successful in developing a market that provides these bonds for the smaller producers. Smith Manus has established relationships with various state agencies and oil and gas associations to better serve our clients. Today Smith Manus is one of the leading writers of oil and gas bonds in the country.