The “T-List” is the “A-List”

Date: 10.12.2010 | Surety Bond Blog

The “T-List” is the “A-List” of Insurance Companies who Provide Surety Bonds

We are often asked: “What is the T-List?” and “What does a T-Listing mean?” Each July 1st, the U.S. Department of Treasury publishes a list of insurance (surety) companies that are acceptable sureties on construction and other projects for the federal government. The list of surety companies is referred to as the Treasury Listing (T-Listing) or more precisely the “Department of the Treasury’s Listing of Approved Sureties (Circular 570)”. The list provides the official business address of the surety, the states in which the surety is licensed to do business and the maximum limit for any single bond that the surety may provide when federal funding is involved. For example, federal funding is involved in construction projects for all of the U.S. p. Armed Forces contracting divisions which include the Army Corps of Engineers, the Air Force, Navy, etc. Projects for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also require T-Listed sureties. Additionally, most state highway projects rely on federal funding for a portion of their construction costs as do local utility projects. In order for a surety company to be on the T-List, the Department of the Treasury reviews the surety company’s financials and sets an underwriting or single bond limit. This dollar amount is the surety company’s “T-Limit.” T-Limits are different for each company but are generally 10% of its net worth. Being included in the Treasury Listing means that the company has undergone a review by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and it’s an acceptable surety on federal projects. On non-federal projects, some owners use the T-Listing as a kind of “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” Frequently architects and engineers will specify the surety be on the T-List as a requirement – even though it may not be a federal project. These non-federal owners often tell us the T-List is an excellent reference point when prequalifying sureties and in determining maximum single bond amounts. Through reinsurance, Treasury listed sureties can combine their T-Limits to provide larger single bonds. For example, the T-Limit of Surety A plus the T-Limit of Surety B allows Surety A to provide a single bond up to combined T-Limit of Surety A and Surety B, added together The current T-Listing can be found online at: James T. Smith Smith Manus Surety Bonds

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